Focused on What Matters Most

Now more than ever, the needs of our communities are great. To ensure our support makes a true impact, we make these categories of giving a priority.

Basic Needs

We are committed to helping families in our communities meet their basic needs, including food security, shelter, food assistance and more.

Financial Literacy

We believe everyone needs important life skills like budgeting, saving and managing debt for a brighter and more secure future.

Health Care

We support those who contribute to educate and provide access and resources for health, health education and health-related organizations.

Economic Development

We want to take part in revitalizing areas within our geographic footprint, supporting small business and entrepreneurship, and focusing on economic development.

Youth + Education

We believe in investing in the potential of the next generation and providing them with the opportunities and resources to learn and flourish.


We harness the power of the arts to enhance the cultural community, performance arts, arts education and creativity in its many forms.

Success Stories

We salute efforts to make a lasting impact in our neighborhoods. See the success of our focused support in action.


Making a Difference Together

Our employees donate their time to help ensure our communities flourish. See how we accomplish more as a team!


Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day Road Race

bankESB lent a helping hand at the annual Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day Road Race. Pictured are Tiffany Raines, Marge Prendergast, Emily Bardwell, Tenaya Read, Devon Bunger, Natalie Rucker, Cindy Schachter, Anthony Perez, and Cindy Forrette.


Jimmy Fund Putt-A-Thon:

bankESB participated in the annual Bell & Hudson Putt-A-Thon for the Jimmy Fund, which raised $1 million for cancer research and care. Pictured are Jess West, Stephanie Fleury, Robyn Michaud, and Julie Bernier.


Cycle for a Cause:

bankESB’s Marketing team took a “spin” to help raise money at the Camp Shepard YMCA of Greater Westfield’s 8th Annual “Cycle for a Cause”. Pictured are Dena Hall, Brenna Breeding, and Cara Crochier.


Veterans Picnic:

bankESB participated in the annual Veterans Picnic in the Park in South Hadley to help support local veterans and their needs. Pictured are Denise Clark, Trevor McCarthy, Susan Cody, and Robyn Michaud.

Request a Sponsorship or Donation

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