Unlock your potential by taking control of your business’s finances. We know running a business can be complicated, so we offer you a suite of cash management solutions* that let your business plan, organize, and control the flow of funds so that you can operate more effectively and efficiently.

*Cash management solutions are available to business customers only and fees may apply.

Cash Management Officer

As a community bank, we pride ourselves on offering personalized support to help you unlock your potential. Our cash management officer can help guide you toward your objectives with solutions tailored to fit your individualized needs. Contact Bill Judd today at 413.779.2253.

Vice President | Cash Management

Manage Cash Flow

Control and monitor your funds and maximize the productivity of your cash resources.


Information Reporting
eBusiness Solutions will provide you online access to your checking, savings, money market and loan accounts. eBusiness Solutions is updated continuously throughout the day on a real-time basis making it easy to know your exact cash position at any time. eBusiness Solutions offers an easy and convenient way to view account activity, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) reports and bank statements, initiate stop payments, internal transfers, ACH transfers and wire transfers.

Line of Credit Sweep
Our sweep service links your business checking account to your commercial loan for automatic, daily pay-down and draw-down decisions. Reduce your interest expense while saving the valuable clerical time involved in manually processing loan payments and draw-down requests!

Zero Balance Accounting (ZBA)
Eliminate the need for manual transfers between checking accounts by linking two or more accounts to combine funds while maintaining individual audit trails. Each night all linked accounts are automatically brought to a zero balance by either funding deficit balance accounts from the master/concentration account or by moving excess balances held in linked accounts to the master/concentration account.

EDI Reporting
Reduce the time and costs associated with posting and reporting of EDI payments with the help of EDI reporting. This is an ideal service for customers that receive federal, state, insurance, or healthcare payments electronically.

Deposit Escrow Sub Accounting (DESA)
This reporting offers a Master and Sub-Account structure with robust month-end reporting. This service is ideal for landlords, property managers, and municipalities.

Manage Collections

Let your money work longer for you by reducing operating costs, mitigating fraud, and improving the availability of funds.


Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination**
ACH collections can help streamline the collection of funds and improve efficiencies in your accounts receivable system. Take advantage of the ACH system by collecting payments electronically. Typical ACH collections include health club memberships, association dues, loan payments, utility payments, contributions to nonprofit organizations, and cash concentration.

Office Deposit (Remote Deposit Capture)**
Enjoy the freedom of scanning checks for deposit and transmitting the images directly to us—right from your computer and whenever it’s convenient for you! Increase employee productivity by reducing the time and travel needed for bank visits and reduce your reliance on multiple bank relationships to support remote locations. What’s more, images of deposited items are at your fingertips!

Wholesale Lockbox
Accelerate the collection of your receivables and save yourself valuable clerical time. You receive fast and accurate credit to your account. Our service includes image capture that utilizes state-of-the-art hardware and software to capture the image of the check and the invoice. These items are available for you to view the same day they are processed.

Retail Lockbox (OCR)
Retail lockbox service uses optical character recognition (OCR) to collect payments and capture the remittance data. We provide you with an electronic output of your remittance data and special reports that automate posting to your accounts receivable system.

Merchant Services**
bankESB offers a variety of credit card processing methods and equipment. We have payment solutions for industries such as: retail, lodging, hospitality, education, government, mail order, and eCommerce.

**ACH Services, Merchant Services and Office Deposit (Remote Deposit Capture) require review and approval by bankESB. Not all customers are eligible for these services.

Manage Payments

Optimize the efficiency of your business’s cash flow by distributing funds quickly and cost-effectively while monitoring payables activity.


Fraud Prevention Services
Today’s technology has created many new avenues for fraud to be attempted against your accounts. Fraud is costly and time consuming. With our fraud prevention products, preventing fraud is quick and easy. bankESB has products that help protect you against both check fraud and electronic payments fraud.

  • Check Positive Pay prevents unauthorized checks from posting to your account.
    • Each time you issue a check, you transmit that information (i.e. check number, dollar amount and payee name) to the bank. We match each check presented for payment against that information. If everything matches, the checks will be paid. If a check does not match, it will be rejected and you will be able to decide whether to pay or return the check.
  • ACH Positive Pay prevents unauthorized ACH transactions from posting to your account.
    • This service allows debits to post to your account from companies that you have authorized. You provide us a list of the “authorized” companies. As ACH debits post to your account, we match them against your authorized list. If an ACH item does not match against this list, the item is rejected and you are notified.
  • Both Check and ACH Positive Pay are integrated with our eBusiness Solutions (Online Service) to provide single login access to positive pay protection.

ACH Debit Block
If you choose not to have any electronic debits post to your account, establish an ACH Debit Block to block every incoming ACH debit, without exception. ACH Debit Block is typically used with money market and savings accounts.

Account Reconciliation

  • Full Reconciliation
    • With Full Reconciliation, your company will upload a file containing check issues information and we match checks-issued with checks-paid. Monthly reports are made available to you via eBusiness Solutions, our internet banking platform. Reports include a paid and outstanding item report as well as exception reports for items like voids and deletes. The report data includes:
  • Check Number
  • Check amount
  • Date issued
  • Date paid
    • This information can be sorted according to your preference.
  • Partial Reconciliation
    • Unlike Full Reconciliation, bankESB doesn’t require a checks-issued file for partial or “paid only” reconciliation. Instead a list of checks-paid is provided to you through eBusiness Solutions, our internet banking platform and can be viewed, printed, and exported. The following information is provided: checks paid; check numbers; paid dates and dollar amounts.

Automated Clearing House** (ACH)
ACH payments can help streamline the payment of funds and improve efficiencies in your accounts payable system. Take advantage of the ACH system by initiating these payments electronically. Typical ACH payments include direct deposit of payroll, travel and expense reimbursement, vendor payments, and tax payments.

Wire Transfers
Online movement of funds makes it possible to move money globally with a high level of security and minimal clerical effort. Domestic and international wires are available through our eBusiness Solutions system.

Business Credit Cards
Choosing the right credit card for your business is now easier than ever! Click here to see our complete product offering.

**ACH Services, Merchant Services and Remote Deposit Capture require review and approval by bankESB. Not all customers are eligible for these services.